Sponsorship Information


Why do I want to fund this nonprofit?

Oceanside Charities is an all volunteer group. We have no paid employees and very little administrative cost. Every dollar sent to us goes back into the community of Oceanside. We provide for the homeless families and the working poor of our community.

What does this nonprofit do?

Oceanside Charities has two main programs. Our largest project is the Oceanside Christmas Bureau. Each year, we take applications from the people of Oceanside and Camp Pendleton who need help at Christmas time. We run a canned food drive with the Oceanside Schools who choose to participate with us. The end result is we are able to provide gifts, canned food and a grocery gift certificate to each family who has signed up with us.

The second program that we run throughout the year is the Undercover Elves. This is a program where school teachers, school secretaries and school nurses can call us if there is a child with a one-time need. For example, if a child has lost his/her backpack and the family cannot afford a new one, we will provide one for the student. We have provided backpacks, shoes, uniforms, and glasses and even paid for one girl to go to her 6th grade camp. Without our help, this 6th grader would have been the only one unable to attend camp. This is a very rewarding program for all of us. It is difficult to fund this program because you cannot tell people exactly what their money will be used for at the time it is given. Rest assured it will be used to help a child in need.

Who are the beneficiaries?

The direct beneficiaries of our programs are the children of Oceanside, most of who come from working poor families.

How will my money be used?

Your contribution will be used as you direct us. If you want to support the Christmas Bureau, we will put your donation toward gifts or food for our families. If you want to support the Undercover Elves program, your donation will be used for a child with a one-time need.

How do I make a donation?

Please send your donation to Oceanside Charities, Inc. P.O. Box 5359, Oceanside, CA 92052-5359

Why is this a worthy cause?

Oceanside Charities works to help children in need in Oceanside. If you want to volunteer your time, you do not have to make a long time commitment. You can help at Christmas time for as many hours as you can give. You can also help during the year when we have fundraising opportunities or putting together the needs of a child using the services of the Undercover Elves program. We are all volunteers. No one is paid for their work and the satisfaction you get from helping a child is unbelievable.




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